Coronavirus & your coaching business
What to do when everything feels like it is out of control but you have a coaching/consulting business to run.
Everyone's news feeds are flooded with talk about the Coronavirus, and for many coaches and consultants, there is a lot of concern about a drastic downturn in current client retention and new client acquisition.

People are starting to worry about how this will affect their business and their clients.  

Should you hide under a blanket and wait until this all blows over?
Should you go all in and continue on like nothing is happening?

There are so many questions...

So I've put together an 18-minute video with 3 things you can do RIGHT NOW to take back control, manage your mind and come up with a realistic plan to ensure your coaching or consulting business continues to thrive.
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I'm Lindsey Anderson, business building strategist for coaches and consultants who are ready to build their brand and monetize their services. I am a best selling author, podcaster, speaker and digital marketing expert.

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During my 10+ years as the CEO of, I have helped hundreds of clients build their businesses and learned what it takes to make them successful. I have honed a proven system that my company executes on a daily basis for many clients.


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